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The Way of Blessing (Book)
The Way of Blessing (Book)

The Way of Freedom (E-Book)
The Way of Freedom (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (E-Book)
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The Way of Blessing (Workbook)
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The Way of Blessing (Audio CD)
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The Way of Blessing (DVD)

Releasing Spiritual Forces

Once you have learned how to develop a template for the release of spiritual power, you must learn how to release the power of the Spirit into the earth to bring about change.

Using natural phenomena such as laser, hurricanes, atomic bombs and hydro power, this lesson shows how you can amplify the power of the Spirit and release it into the earth to bring about powerful changes in your life.


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Section 1

1.  What four natural sources of power can be used to illustrate spiritual power?
2.  What two elements are always involved in producing spiritual power?

Section 2

1.  What must you do with the power once you have charged it up?
2.  What are the two main ways of releasing what is in your spirit?
3.  What must you NOT do to try and release power?
4.  How does music help you to release spiritual power.

Section 3

1.  Consider how Joshua used the principles we have been sharing. How did he:

a. Build the template:
b. Charge up the power:
c. Release the power:

2.  Consider how Jesus used the principles. How did He charge his laser? How did He go about releasing the power?
3.  Is prayer enough to release the spiritual power?
4.  Consider how Jesus used speech and action to release his faith.

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Spiritual power compared with nature

1.  Laser - light and a ruby. 
Hurricanes - two kinds of wind. 
Atomic Bomb - particles and uranium. 
Underground streams - drilling a pipe.

Power is Produced by the Word

1.  The Word is the light beam. 
The Word is the wind. 
The Word is the particle. 
The Word is the pipe.

Using Speech to Charge Up.

1.  Speak the Word inwards until it charges up. 
Speak in tongues to tap into your spirit. 
Do not speak it out until the power is high.

Releasing the Power

1. Through speech 

a.  Call it into existence. 
b.  Send the Word into the earth. 

2. Through action 

a.  Act like it is. 
b.  Use wisdom - action does not produce faith. 

3. Through music, worship and praise.

Scriptural Examples

1. Joshua and Jericho. 
Jesus and Lazarus. 
There must be 

a.  A building up. 
b.  A release of the power.

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Question: Can you  be more explicit  in the section below please. I speak in tongues but very often it is very dry. Can you explain to me more about the tapping

Using Speech to Charge Up.
1.  Speak the Word inwards until it charges up.
2.  Speak in tongues to tap into your spirit.
3.  Do not speak it out until the power is high.  B.M.

Answer: This is explained in some detail in the lecture.  We have also dealt with tongues elsewhere, in our Prophetic School lectures, and the Way of Anointing Book. Here is an excerpt of the text from this chapter of the Way of Blessing Book.

38 { Using Your Underground Stream }
39 Jesus said that the Spirit of God would be like a spring of water within us. He said, "Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water." You have an underground stream inside of your spirit, and all you need to do is to drill down and sink down a pipe, tap that power and get it gushing out. How do you drill down into your spirit, and how do you get it out?
40 Paul gives us a bit of a hint in 1 Corinthians 14 when he says, 1 Corinthians 14:4 He that speaks in an [unknown] tongue builds up himself; (GMR) How does speaking in tongues build you up? We have seen that speech comes from the spirit. We have seen that when by an act of our will we speak forth words, we are actually tapping some of the resources that are in our spirits. Do you realize that when you pray in tongues, as you allow the Spirit of God, through your spirit, to flow out through you in words that are inspired by the Holy Spirit, that you are actually tapping into the very power of Almighty God?
41 There is a flow that is taking place, but you have to drill down a bit first, and you have to sink a pipe in. You have to pray in tongues and get into the Word.







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