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The Way of Blessing (Book)
The Way of Blessing (Book)

The Way of Freedom (E-Book)
The Way of Freedom (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (Workbook)
The Way of Blessing (Workbook)
The Way of Blessing (Audio CD)
The Way of Blessing (Audio CD)
The Way of Blessing (DVD)
The Way of Blessing (DVD)

Spiritual Forces

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God has built into man through his spirit, certain functions, which when permitted to flow out will produce spiritual forces.  These forces may be released to bring about changes in one's life and circumstances.

The three forces of the recreated spirit are Faith, Hope and Love, and they are described in the New Testament in many different place. This study tells you how these forces work and how to recognize them.


Questions for Review - CLICK

Section 1

1.  What are the three functions of the spirit?
2.  What is the latent power of the spirit?

Section 2

1.  What are the two main meanings of faith?
2.  Faith is based on two things. What are they?
3.  What is the difference between logos and rhema words?

Section 3

1.  Where does love come from?
2.  What are the three kinds of love?
3.  What three words beginning with 'L' all link together?
4.  How can you get love?
5.  How will you know it is there?
6.  What does love always do?
7.  Where does hope come from?
8.  How do you know when hope is there?

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Man has authority in the earth

1.  Only a spirit, living in a body that is made from the earth has any power or authority in the earth.
Satan uses what is in man.

Jesus restored the authority we lost 

1.  We now have more than Adam did. 
We can do what Jesus did.

Man is spirit, soul and body 

1.  The spirit is in touch with God's realm. 
2.  The body is in touch with this physical realm. 
3.  The soul mediates between the two.

The three spiritual functions give rise to forces 

1.  Spiritual Knowledge (intuition) - produces faith. 
2.  Spiritual Communication (fellowship) - produces love. 
3.  Spiritual Wisdom (foreknowledge) - produces hope.

The Latent Power of the Spirit

1. The devil can use this power 
2. God can also use this power 

a.  He adds His power to it 
b.  He causes us to reign in Christ.

 The Force of Faith

1. Same as to believe 

a.  Means to be fully convinced 
b.  Knowing that you know that you know. 

2. Is based on words. 
3. Is based on a person 

a.  Involves trusting in someone.
b.  Involves entrusting yourself to someone 

4. Comes with the rhema. 

a.  Logos is the written Word. 
b.  Rhema is when God speaks it to you afresh personally. 

5. All things are possible with faith. 
6. Cannot coexist with doubt and unbelief.

The Force of Love

1. Agape love 

a.  Transcends the passions and the emotions.
b.  Is consistent. 
c.  Is a commandment. 

2. Comes from being in the presence of God 

a.  We pick it up like glow in the dark objects. 

3. Linked with Light and Life. 
Always gives. 
When love is there it will affect you 

a.  You will love the unlovely. 
b.  You will be generous in giving to others.

The Force of Hope

1. A positive expectation. 
Sees the goal. 

a.  You must have a clear picture in your mind. 
b.  You must see yourself having the answer. 

3. Comes from endurance under trial. 
Enables you to hang in there until the answer comes.

Faith, Hope and Love

1. Must all be present.
Must function together.
Analogy of firing a bullet. 

a.  Faith is the charge.
b.  Love is the trigger.
c.  Hope is the gun sight.

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