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The Way of Blessing (Book)
The Way of Blessing (Book)

The Way of Freedom (E-Book)
The Way of Freedom (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (E-Book)
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The Way of Blessing (Workbook)
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The Way of Blessing (Audio CD)
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The Way of Blessing (DVD)

Spiritual Laws

In this section you will learn all about the Laws which God has set in motion for man to operate in. God's laws are often viewed as commandments such as 'Thou Shalt!' or 'Thou Shalt Not!'

God's laws go far beyond this and include principles which will always work in the spiritual realm, just as natural laws like the Law of Gravity always work in the physical realm.  You will learn here how some of these laws work.


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Section 1

1.  What four spiritual laws did we mention? See if you can remember them. Try to repeat them from memory.
2.  From which day did God stop naming His creation?
3.  What makes man different from the rest of the creation?
4.  How is spiritual power released?

Section 2

1.  What does man's spirit give him that animals do not have?
2.  In which two ways is power released by man into the earth?
3.  Why can man bring the spiritual and physical realms together?
4.  How is the spiritual realm brought to bear on the physical realm?

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The Spiritual Laws

1.  The spirit realm is greater than the physical

a.  Spirit can cause a change to take place in the physical.
b.  God created the world through His Spirit. 

2.  Spiritual power is released by words

a.  God sent His Word into the earth to create. 

3.  There must be a blueprint of what is desired

a.  God had a clear picture in His mind of what He wanted when He created. 

4.  The creator has control and copyright over the creation

a.  God named the things that he kept under his control.
b.  He let Adam name the things that were put under his control.

Man is made in the image of God

1.  His spirit is made from the same essence as God's

a.  God breathed into man the breath(s) of life.
b.  He gave man part of his own nature.

2.  He can speak words from his spirit

a.  Man alone amongst the creation has the faculty of speech.
b.  Animals do not have this. 

3.  He has control over creation

a.  God put the whole world under Adam's control.
b.  Whatever took place in the earth was up to Adam. c.  Man still has this power.

4.  He has limitations, but God can overcome them

a.  There are many areas that God limited man in.
b.  But with the indwelling Holy Spirit, all things become possible.

Creative power can be released in two ways

1.  Actions

a.  By the faculty of will, man is able to put into motion what originates in his heart.
b.  Thus actions permit the power in the spirit to be released into the earth. 

2.  Words

a.  When a person speaks, they release into the earth the power that is in their spirit.
b.  Words are the containers that carry the power of the spirit.

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