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It's time to fight for your promises!
2016 is your year of promise. It is not news that God has called His Church to a walk of prosperity. It was not news that God had promised Israel a Promised Land. They knew that for hundreds of years, but yet somehow we find ourselves in the wilderness eating manna... Click Here to Read More

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FINANCES. What We Believe

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (AMIV)
What are you hoping for? Faith always works. Stand in faith and watch things change!

The Way of Blessing (Book)
The Way of Blessing (Book)

The Way of Freedom (E-Book)
The Way of Freedom (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (E-Book)
The Way of Blessing (Workbook)
The Way of Blessing (Workbook)
The Way of Blessing (Audio CD)
The Way of Blessing (Audio CD)
The Way of Blessing (DVD)
The Way of Blessing (DVD)

If God wants you to be blessed, then why are you still struggling financially?

Financial prosperity should be normal for every believer.

Our Dad is the wealthiest person in the universe

So what is holding you back?

You do not know the truth! 

Presenting the powerful teachings of BLESSING, we hand you over to Apostle Les D. Crause - the Apostolic Father of the Apostolic Movement International (The Headquarter ministry of this division)

Apostle Les has since handed that work over to Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, to continue with his new mandate at


Before handing over Apostolic Movement International to Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, there are a few things that God taught me about success and walking the life of blessing.

  •  For many years I searched for the truth,

  •  I read every self-help book I could find

  •  But I just got deeper into debt.

The only publications offering true success were clearly 'spiritual' in nature. But none of them were written by born again believers. They all had some kind of occult or new age philosophy behind them.

Most preachers offered only one solution:

"Pay more tithes and offerings, and God will bless you!"

This was hardly a solution, since I had no money to give anyway. And it was clear that the preachers were also battling financially, which is why they preached so fervently on tithes and offerings.

There had to be a solution in the Word for me!

So I searched the Scriptures and waited on the Lord. I cried out to Him while standing on the Scripture that says:

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask from God, who gives to all [men] liberally, and does not find fault; and it shall be given to him. (GMRV)

God honored His Word by answering me in such a direct way that I could scarcely believe my eyes.

I sat down each day with the Scriptures in front of me, and a blank journal book and pen in my hand. And as I wrote each day the principles He was giving me, the truth began to pour out so fast that I could scarcely write fast enough.

Up until that time I was one of those unfortunate people who knew what 'bad luck' was, even though I did not believe in luck as a Christian. I was not afraid of hard work, and I prayed hard to the Lord and asked Him to bless me. I even became a preacher who knew the important doctrines of the Bible well enough to teach them with great authority.


But then, for the first time in my life things began to change for me. And even more important than that was the fact that...

I began to see a change in myself

  I saw that we were created to rule over circumstances, not be a victim to them.

  I found that God has already put into you and me all that we need to succeed

  I realized that we often are waiting for God to do something, but He is actually waiting for us to do something first.

  I found out why both unbelievers and believers alike can succeed, using what God has put into man

  I discovered that as a believer I have far more than an unbeliever and could go much further

  I found out why faith alone is not enough to take you through

  I found out why we often start out great, and then everything goes sour

  I discovered the THREE principles that God has built into every man and woman that can make them succeed.

  I discovered that my big mouth, which had gotten me into trouble so often, was actually one of my best assets.

  I discovered why we often never budget our money correctly, and buy all the wrong things

  I found out why everything you fear will go wrong, does just that - it goes wrong.

  I found the answers to most of the problems that everyone experiences in life.

But most important of all...

I found out that anyone can turn their life around, and stop living that way

For me, that was when my life really began to change


I was soon in my own business, and could resign from my job.

2. Next came an opportunity to go overseas - something I had never imagined possible.
3. For a season I basked in a holiday paradise with a guaranteed income that I hardly needed to work for.

I finally realized my dream to be involved in an International Ministry.


I became a Spiritual Parent to many people around the world.


I began to produce and sell my own ministry information products on the Internet.


I set up a Training College that has become an international standard for the Fivefold Ministry.


Now I have set up a Program to help others prosper and fulfill their dreams and visions.

The TRUTH has indeed set me free

  •   Free to experience things I had only dreamed of

  •   Free to serve the Lord fully and at the same time know His blessing on my finances and every area of life.

Now this truth is available to YOU also

  •   You will not have to suffer the things I went through to get hold of this truth

  •   You will not have to continue struggling trying to find answers that nobody seems to have

You might have read many books already on Self-Help, success, or prosperity. Sure, there are a lot of books out there on these subjects. Many of them are written by Christian Authors who profess to have the answers. There is even a denominational group who claim to have a handle on the Prosperity Message.

All of these have some truth to offer. I have read all of their materials, and there is certainly a lot of truth to them. BUT...  they did not help me to break free.  I am sure you have also read them and found that they have not helped you.

I know your pain. I have been there all to often myself. So I want to help you break out of this now and live the life God intended for you.

Here is what I am going to do for you. I am going to make available to you All of the principles that the Lord taught me. But I will also follow you up, reminding you continually of what you have learned, and putting gentle pressure on you to make sure that you follow through.

I am offering you an opportunity to gain access to an exclusive online website, called The Way to Wealth Resource Club. From this page you will be able to download many helpful resources, and as new ones are added, you will be able to download them freely.

But before we go one step further, I want to tell you what this is going to COST you.

If you are not prepared to pay the price, then read no further. You clearly prefer to remain the way you are, and I would rather not waste any more time with you.

1. The principles that I am about to share with you must be understood clearly.

2. All of the principles must be operated together. Leave one out, and you could fail.

3. Just knowing these truths will set you free, but knowledge alone is not enough to make you prosperous.

4. You will be required to DO SOMETHING if you wish to succeed

I can guarantee that if you apply the principles fully and completely, YOU WILL SUCCEED.


I must make it clear that I cannot predict or guarantee how the Lord will provide for you. And I will not take responsibility for you misunderstanding or applying the principles wrongly.

The principles continue to work for all those who apply them correctly. The Word of God never fails.

If you are ready to accept these terms and conditions, then you are welcome to order the materials I am offering you now.

Go ahead now and follow the link below to the order page, and I want to welcome you to a new life of blessing and prosperity. May we walk together in the Lord, living the kind of life He desires for us.

Here is the link:

I Need This Blessing